Reclaim full-stack-ability
and control the wall of YAML

Visually edit Kubernetes manifests inside VS Code with your application at the core, surrounded by databases and microservices. Spin up new environments and document your architecture.

dbName: myapp
dbUser: ***
dbPassword: ***
bucket: default
key: ***
secret: ***
image: acme/myapp:v1.0
cmd: httpd
port: 8080
replicas: 3
DB_HOST: db.service
DB_NAME: db.dbName
S3_ENDPOINT: http://storage.service
S3_BUCKET: storage.bucket
image: myapp.image
cmd: artisan queue:work
args: --queue=email
env + myapp.env
MAIL_HOST: smtp.service
MAIL_PORT: smtp.port
port: 2525
step 1



Production-grade Dockerfile wizard

Use the sane defaults or control every aspect, no black box magic. Enjoy the fast builds and small image size

CI & Container registry

Connect GitHub Actions and GitHub Container Registry. Container images are built for each git branch automatically

Drag and drop to Kubernetes

Drag your app from container registry and drop to any Kubernetes to compose multiple microservices on a single screen

step 2



Wall of YAML under control.
Only essentials for developers

Add databases and aux services, update exiting deployments without information overload

Centralized hub for deployment

Your code and deployments seamlessly integrated. Ship independently of devops team, reclaim full-stack-ability

Share knowledge

Harmonize developers and devops and onboard new members: the whole system fits on a single screen.

Built with true respect to developers

Centralized deployment hub in VisualStudio Code

Visual breadboard and Dockerfile wizard
Deployments to any Kubernetes cluster
Compatible with other tools, no vendor lock-in

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The big vision

Development platform
Coming soon

All-in-one solution for cloud development and operations.  Increased velocity and better quality excluding big investments. Ready for public or private clouds and compliant with custom setup.

Deploy directly to managed Kubernetes in AWS, Azure, Alibaba, etc
All building blocks for your architecture
All major databases
Search index
Web sockets
S3 buckets
Auth server and proxy
Role-based granular access to deployments
E2E tests over actual instances and databases
Managed databases from cloud providers
Separate production and stage environments
Support for custom cluster resources and capabilities
Automatic preview environments for each Pull Request
JavaScript, Python, Java and .Net