The missing node between understanding and Kubernetes

Free and open source canvas to visualize dependencies between microservice configurations.
All stored in a single file, no Kubernetes knowledge required.

dbName: myapp
dbUser: ***
dbPassword: ***
bucket: default
key: ***
secret: ***
image: acme/myapp:v1.0
cmd: httpd
port: 8080
replicas: 3
DB_HOST: db.service
DB_NAME: db.dbName
S3_ENDPOINT: http://storage.service
S3_BUCKET: storage.bucket
image: myapp.image
cmd: artisan queue:work
args: --queue=email
env + myapp.env
MAIL_HOST: smtp.service
MAIL_PORT: smtp.port
port: 2525
simple structure

Easy to learn and maintain

Familiar abstractions well-known to any developer

Web serviceBackground workerSQL database S3 file storage Redis cache

Single breadboard file for the entire architecture

Set ENV variables or public URL via compact syntax and transform it to full and lengthy Kubernetes manifests

Grows with you

Universal and scalable software

Dockerfile designer for PHP Laravel apps. Node.js Express, Python Flask, Java Sping Boot, .NET Core coming soon

Graphical wizard to package your source code to container image.

GitOps ready. Own your files

Keep your architecture in a text/pain breadboard file next to your sources versioned in Git. Embed in your own automation and deploy scripts. You always own your Kubernetes manifests even if you quit using DevStand.

adapts to your preferences

Visual Studio Code extension that
fits your current workspace

Visual graph node-based editor
Manual deployment to any Kubernetes cluster
Always free and OpenSource
On the roadmap

Development platform
coming soon

Cloud hosted or on-perm solution supporting all stages of a digital product life cycle: development, testing, release and operations. Free up the efforts of application developers to solve business problems. Get the benefits of DevOps: faster development and better quality, excluding big investments.

Visual Studio Code extension with graphical breadboard editor
Cloud automation
Provision Kubernetes clusters within minutes in major cloud providers
Run browser tests against actual web instances and databases
Deploy automatic preview environments on each PullRequest
Observe network traffic trought entire system to discover bottlenecks
Capture and organize error messages for failures in your code

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